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What picture comes to your mind when you think of Ljubljana? What's the first thing that you think of? Hm? To be honest, before our trip to Ljubljana I couldn't come up with a picture in my mind. Besides it's name and maybe the number of inhabitants (I paid attention in geography class :b) I knew nothing about Ljubljana and therefore I was quite overwhelmed of it's beauty when we arrived.

As you know we went from Bled straight to Ljubljana. I think we drove about an hour, but I honestly can't remember anymore. It's been more than a month ago, sorry.

When we arrived in Ljubljana, we looked for a parking lot near the hostel we stayed in, put all of our stuff into our room, refreshed ourselves, strolled around a bit and finally went up to the Ljubljana castle. 

We watched the sun go down and as you can see, it looked really beautiful!

It had been quite late already, and the four of us were really hungry, so we didn't stay up there for that long, so we didn't go up the viewing platform at the top of the tower. However, the castle is definitely worth a visit!

After our short visit at the castle, we went for dinner to a 'Pizzeria & Spaghetteria' called Aroma. I had the 'Pasta Salad' and it tasted more than delicious. I still think about that meal a lot - ask my friends! ;)

We wanted to get up really early the next day, so we'd get the most of our stay in this beautiful city. Unfortunately, I had a bad stomach ache, and therefore I stayed in bed quite long.  

Eventually I did get up and joined my friends at exploring the city. We walked around for about an hour, I believe. We went to a few cute little shops and boutiques, got something for breakfast and we also walked across the triple bridge (slovenian: Tromostovje)

Look what we found! A cute little, retro, vinyl shop! 
Obviously I had to go in there! I don't know if he had been the shop owner, but the guy that worked there was really nice, and I ended up buying a ACDC vinyl for my dad and my friend bought herself a Bangles vinyl.

a pretty lilac bike and 'street art'.

Whilst we were looking for some postcards and souvenirs we found this little shop, which had a world map in front of it. There were some pins, so you could mark the place you're from. As you can see, they had a lot of customers from all around the world. We would've loved to do that as well, but there were already so much pins in Austria and the rest of Central Europe basically.

Unfortunately, our trip was way too short! However, it had been one of my friends birthday, so she had to be at home again, to celebrate it with her other friends and her family. Otherwise I think we would've stayed a few more days - just because there would've been so much more to see in this beautiful city!

As I've mentioned before, we stayed in a hostel - the "AdHoc hostel". It was really cheap, but everything had been to the satisfaction of everybody. The room was spacious enough and everything was fine. There was a double bed and a bunk bed and we even had our own little balcony. 
The hostel is situated next to the river and there are a few restaurants and bars right next to it. Also the vinyl shop is like a two minutes walk away ;)

the view from our window & our balcony

The personnel was polite and friendly and they spoke English really well. The reception area had been 'cute'. There were a lot of quotes and sayings hanging on the walls and there was also a whiteboard with a lot of information and tips (where to park, what to do, where to eat, party locations, etc.)

I loved the 'There is a party in this jar and your money is invited' sign on the tip jar :D 

If anyone of you has already been to Ljubljana before and has got any tips or places etc. I need to see on my next trip, which hopefully will be very soon, please let me know in the comments below! :)

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