Hey guys!

Today I want to show you my recent Primark purchases - I haven't been there for quite a long time so I left the store with two bags filled with clothes and two bags filled with pillows.


Hey guys!

Every year I would come up with a few "New Years Resolutions" - "New Year- New Me" - blablabla. I would think of those typical things everybody thinks about on New Years Eve - "be a better person, eat healthier, work out more, drink less alcohol,..." but after a few days I wouldn't care about these resolutions anymore. So this year I decided to come up with a "bucket list" instead of new years resolutions. I'll document everything I can tick off my list in a notebook, like I did with my "25 things to do this summer-list". :)


Hey guys!

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy New Year! How have you spent New Years Eve?
I'm in Schladming (Styria/Austria) since Tuesday with my boyfriend and his family and our New Years Eve was amazing! We had an amazing day, with a delicious dinner and a lot of fun. We celebrated on our balcony where we had a marvelous view on all the fireworks around. I loved it!

Of course, we've also been skiing. I haven't skied for about 6 years, but to be honest I'm still quite good at it and I love it- I don't know why I stopped skiing in the first place.

Another thing I absolutely love is the amazing view you have from the mountains and the Apré Ski is also so much fun!