Hey guys!

I've been wanting one of the Naked palettes since I first heard of them, but I just couldn't decide which one to buy! I was also unsure if I really wanted to spend such an amount of money on an eyeshadow palette, but there has been a -20% discount on douglas.com recently, and that was when I knew "now or never". I didn't think a lot about it, I just ordered the Naked 2 palette. 
I wanted it before the Naked 3 came out, so that's why I bought it. :)

I've ordered it on Sunday, and now, three days later I can finally call it mine. 
I came home from school, and I got really excited when I saw the parcel lying on the desk where my mum put it for me. It just felt like christmas already. Oh, how I love getting myself presents! ;)


Hello lovelies!
I'm sorry I haven't posted for quite a time now, but I'll be more active again in the future, I promise :)

It's the first of November, which means one of my yearly highlights is over again- Halloween ! What did you do in the spookiest night of the year? Let me know in the comments below. :)