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Hey guys!

In my opinion, having pen pals is probably one of the greatest things ever. Some of you may not understand my excitement, but I just love writing letters. & the excitement of getting a letter is priceless. Nearly everyday I would ask my mum "Have I got any letters?", and every time she says yes, it makes my day. It's nearly unimagable for me to not have a pen pal. When I was younger I used to have two pen pals, one from Austria and one from Switzerland. Unfortunately we lost contact and I haven't heard from both of them ever since. However, I'll never forget them and their letters :)


Don't you love it when it's that time of the year again? Leaves change their colour, long cool walks, cozy sweaters, lots of cuddling, movie nights, hot drinks, candles, chestnuts and must, carving pumpkins, ... 

I love autumn and all the great things that come with it - and I also just loooove to chill in my bed or on the couch, reading a good book and drinking tea while some candles are burning - it's just so cozy.