Hello guys! 

Those of you who either follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I've spent the last four days in Pula, Croatia. Me and my friends graduated school on Wednesday last week and on Thursday we met really early in the morning (but later than we originally had planned, because a few us overslept) and we headed towards the South. 


Hey guys!

Those of you who have read my bucket list 2015- post, know that the One Direction concert on June 10th in Vienna was one of the points on my agenda. I'm more than happy and still a bit excited that I'm able to tick that off my bucket list! I hadn't bought a ticket for the show and I kind of forgot about the concert, BUT, and that is like the coolest story ever, a friend of a friend of mine won two tickets but wasn't interested in going, so my friend asked me yesterday if I'd like to and therefore we went there together - it was a completely spontaneous trip and honestly, I had one of the best nights ever!