When I was younger me and my whole family went hiking at least once a year. To be honest, that wasn't something I looked forward to. For me it was mostly too exhausting but at the same time quite boring. The only positive aspects I could find back then were the view (even though I didn't know what I was seeing - I still don't to this day) and the food afterwards. (we went to a Buschenschank afterwards most of the times) ðŸ˜‹Recently however, I've quite enjoyed hiking with my mum and dad. I live in such a beautiful part of the world (I'll let the pictures convince you of that) and it makes me a little sad that I know and have seen so little of it. 


"How has technology changed my relationship? It hasn't - I'm still alone.
Brogan, England


The most important items in my travel bag would have to be my DSLR, my polaroid camera and my phone. I hardly ever leave the house without at least one of these three items. I'm the kind of person that runs around and takes pictures of literally anything, because as soon as I'm at home and look through my photos, the feeling that I didn't take enough photos or that I missed something hits me. It's like I might forget that I've even been there if there's no proof in form of a photograph, which is stupid, isn't it? When I went to Piran in May, I took around 500 pictures in 3 days. (You can look at a few of them in my post, here)