I saw this post on Miss Amy Guest and I liked the idea of it, as it's a quite unusual post for me, because I've never done anything like a tag or a questions post before - I hope you enjoy! 


Hello guys!

When looking at my blog statistics, it's quite obvious that my bucket list 2015 post is undoubtedly my most read post of all time. Honestly, I don't know why, but maybe you're at least a little bit like me and like reading such things. Maybe it's because I'm a bit nosy or whatever. It's just really interesting to me what people dream of and want to achieve in a year or a certain amount of time. Last year I came up with 25 things I wanted to do, and (of course) I couldn't tick off everything of my list. This year I narrowed it down to only 8 things on my agenda. 8 things I want to do and achieve in 2016. Curious? Go on reading! :)


Seems like you've enjoyed reading my November in pictures - post, so I thought I'd keep on doing that kind of post each month and today it's time for all the photos I took through December  I know I'm a bit late this month, but here it is now - enjoy!