Hey guys!
What picture comes to your mind when you think of Ljubljana? What's the first thing that you think of? Hm? To be honest, before our trip to Ljubljana I couldn't come up with a picture in my mind. Besides it's name and maybe the number of inhabitants (I paid attention in geography class :b) I knew nothing about Ljubljana and therefore I was quite overwhelmed of it's beauty when we arrived.

A DAY IN BLED! - sLOVEnia #1

Hey guys!

At the beginning of September, me and a few friends got the glorious idea to go away together, just for a day or two. "Bled" was the first place that I thought of, and the girls were immediately as keen as mustard. After we had decided where to go, the four of us checked our calendars, and we choose September 28th.  
We planned to meet up early in the morning, spend the day in Bled and go to Ljubljana in the afternoon/evening. Today I want to show you some pictures and tell you more about our day in Bled. 


Hey guys!

I bet most of you will know Zoella aka Zoe Sugg - one of the most successful bloggers and YouTubers nowadays. I've been reading her blog and watching her videos for such a long time now, I can't even remember when it started or how I've stumbled across her blog, but she's become one of my favourite bloggers quite quickly. Therefore I got kinda excited when I first heard about her beauty range - only problem, you can't get it anywhere, where I live and I didn't want to order it online because I'm quite sensitive with smells. So I got reeeeeally excited when I found her products in the Superdrug stores whilst I was in England. I couldn't resist and got three of her products and today I want to show you what I've bought and tell you my opinion to each product.


Hey guys!

Today it's time for day 2 and 3 of my London trip! 
Day 3 started like the days before did - we got up and had breakfast, and after that, we walked to the station and took the tube. We got out at "Baker Street" and walked to "Madame Tussauds".


Hey guys!
Today I want to tell you about my latest trip to my favourite city - London! 

As you may or may not know already, I've been in London with my mum and my sister from September 17th until September 23rd. It's been my third time in London now, and every time I go back it's something special and I don't want to leave again, but sadly I had to..