So far the new year is being pretty good to me - Happy New Year by the way! 🎉 Last Sunday I went on my first short trip in 2018, and it was a good one. As the title probably already gave away, we were moving around in the tri-border region of Austria, Italy and Slovenia. 


It's not a secret that I'm a total bookworm and love snuggling up with a good book and a cuppa tea. So last year around that time I set myself the challenge to read 40 books in 2017, and even though I didn't quite accomplish it, I still think I did a good reading job. In the last 365 days I read over 12400 pages across 37 books - most of them I read in English, but there are also a few which I read in German -  and today I wanna share them all with you - to give you some inspiration for your maybe next read!


Leave the road, take the trails.

According to my blog statistics, it seems like you enjoyed the first "Let's hike!" - post (read here), therefore I decided to do one again this year. Even though I didn't hike as much as I'd wanted to, I still managed to go to a few places which I wanna share with you today. 
As always, if you're from around my area, this one may not be that interesting for you, as you'll probably know about all of these places. However, if you're from anywhere else in the world, may I introduce you to the beauty of Styria - the so called "green heart" of Austria ?


Once upon a time... -that's how fairytales start. 
On Sunday I went to the castle grounds in Laxenburg - a small town right outside Vienna. Having seen lots of pictures on Instagram and Facebook of this place before, I knew it was going to be the perfect destination for my autumnal Sunday afternoon 'adventure' :b About 90 minutes later I parked my car in one of the car parks and headed for the entrance. 


Oh wow, it's been a while again. Approximately 80% of my blog posts start with me either saying how long it's been or apologizing for my absence. I honestly don't know why it's so hard for me to blog regularly. But that's not the point now. You know these days when you feel a little sad without anything bad happening? A while ago I had one of these days. Even though I love my lazy Sundays from time to time, not doing anything, being alone got to me that day. Therefore I decided to do something about it the next day. So when I came home after work, I packed my backpack and got into my car - hello Teichalm & hello Sommeralm!


This one has been sitting in my drafts for nearly a year now - an empty post with just a title. To be precise, since last October when I got my third tattoo - the one on my left arm. Maybe you've seen it in one or two of my Instagram pictures, though I never made a big fuss about it. As it's probably the most personal of all my tattoos, I mostly kept it private. So of course, ever since I got said tattoo, people have been asking me "What does it mean?" and mostly I told them to google the Morse code-alphabet and find out for themselves. (cause I knew they'd be too lazy for that) Until today I only opened up to my closest friends about the meaning. Because I never found the right words to describe my thoughts and back-story, but maybe I never will... that's the best I can do & hopefully you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

enough tattoo


Hey again! This is the last of my Santorini posts that I'll actually write from here, as I'm currently sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting to be picked up for the airport. Understandably, I'm leaving with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I can't wait to be at home with my loved ones again, but at the other hand it's just so beautiful here and we really enjoyed our vacation. Today however, I wanna tell you more about the trip we took on Wednesday - "Caldera & Sunset in Oia"