In case you were wondering, yep, I'm still bullet journaling! Not sharing the June spread with you had one simple reason: I was kinda unhappy with how it turned out, even though the theme was cacti!  And for July I kept it really really simple and minimalistic (no mood tracker, no monthly playlist.. just the basics) as I was on holiday and didn't take my bujo with me. Now however, I'm back at it and ready to share my ice cream themed August setup - enjoy! (Yeah, I know, it's kinda late.. ups 🙈)

august cover page bullet journal


At the beginning of 2018, I didn't come up with any new years resolutions, cause knowing myself, I wouldn't stick to them anyway. Instead, I set myself the goal to spend more time in nature - in form of hiking, walking or whatever. So far, I think it's going pretty well for me, and there are no words to describe how much I enjoy it.  - Time spent in nature is never wasted. 

Quite a while ago now, actually (I just looked it up and oh my, that's already been in April! ) I had one of those days where I felt the urge to go somewhere. Anyone else know that feeling? The weather was nice and I was home alone, so nothing kept me there. About 90 minutes later I arrived at my destination: the Leopoldsteinersee.


For the past couple of years I always went away for my birthday. "A really cool birthday present from me for myself", is what I like to call those trips. It has kind of become a tradition, and it definitely should stay that way. Last year I went to Madrid for a few days with Tanja, and the year before I went to Piran over the weekend with Michaela. & this year? I went to Zadar, Croatia.. on my own. 
Oh, and don't panic! You haven't forgotten to send me your "Happy birthday"-wishes, I just went a week earlier 😜😅 (as nobody cared about my birthday anymore when I came home last year, a few days after it)


April's coming to an end soon, and therefore I have set up my bullet journal for the month of May. The theme for this month will be flowers, cause you know: April showers bring May flowers. :b This month however, I went for a quite minimalistic black n white/grey theme - just like back in the days, when I first started bullet journaling. ..and I love it!

May 2018 bullet journal setup


The fact that I'm kinda in love with the country of Slovenia shouldn't be much of a secret anymore, at least if you've been reading my blog for a little while. - it even has got love in it's name, so how couldn't you? Before going there for the first time I knew nearly nothing about it and therefore got surprised even more. So whenever I get the chance and have the time for a little weekend trip, Slovenia comes to mind first. Today I wanna share some photos with you, of my trip to Slovenia's oldest town - Ptuj! Even though these photos were taken many moons ago, back in autumn of 2016, I never got around to sharing these with you, which is such a shame. 


Quite recently I stumbled upon the blog The Anna Edit and definitely enjoyed her "Five highlights from the month of.."- posts the most and immediately wanted to do this myself from now on. Or at least try to do so. (As this is the first one, we don't wanna overdo things right away, so today it'll only be four highlights)
For me my blog feels like a diary of some sort and I love, love, love reading my older posts, especially the ones about my travels, cause it just takes me back to those times. So I thought, this would be another cool thing to look back on in a few months or even years. 
As always I'm kinda late with everything, and even though we're already a few days into April, here are four of my highlights from the month of March, 2018!

March Bullet Journal spread 2018


Bullet journaling has been a hobby of mine for the longest time now, but I never mentioned it on here before. Why? I really don't know. Since I started it in October 2016, I clearly have become more organized. When I still went to school, I always bought myself one of those student calendars to become more organized, at the start of each year, and after about two or three weeks into it I wouldn't open it again, as it just wasn't for me. With bullet journaling, however, I am looking forward to filling it in every day. I wouldn't say that I'm a very artistic person, but I just love doodling in there and thinking of new themes for each month. The theme for April is inspired by this video from AmandaRachLee.