Hey there!
'Lately' I have been in a kind of writing slump .. writers block.. whatever you wanna call it. My Madrid Travel Diary is still sitting in my drafts, waiting to be finished - I went to Madrid nearly two months ago... Lately, I just never felt like writing. To be honest, I even considered quitting blogging for good. More and more often I caught myself  thinking "But what for? Nobody's gonna read it anyway."  And maybe that's true, maybe it's not. However, if there's at least one person out there reading this now, it was worth it. And if not, then at least I can look back at it months from now, reading it like an entry in my diary.

Apart from that, I also thought if I blogged about something, it had to be something world-changing. Perhaps, that's not true. Perhaps it can also be something really random - like me telling you about my hike with my mum on Saturday and showing you some of the photos that I took.