A DAY IN BLED! - sLOVEnia #1

Hey guys!

At the beginning of September, me and a few friends got the glorious idea to go away together, just for a day or two. "Bled" was the first place that I thought of, and the girls were immediately as keen as mustard. After we had decided where to go, the four of us checked our calendars, and we choose September 28th.  
We planned to meet up early in the morning, spend the day in Bled and go to Ljubljana in the afternoon/evening. Today I want to show you some pictures and tell you more about our day in Bled. 

As I've mentioned before, we met up really early in the morning on September 28th and headed towards Slovenia. We stopped for a coffee/hot chocolate in Carinthia, in Velden to be more precise, where we took a few photos as well and just sat by the lake for a while.

some of these photos were shot by my friend Michaela
you should definitely check her out on Instagram - here!

We arrived in Bled at about 10:30am, and we were completely blown away by this place!
It's honestly just soo beautiful there, but see for yourself!

At first we just walked around the lake for a while, and then we went up to one of the two viewpoints, the polite lady at the tourist information told us about. The view from up there was marvelous! 

We spent quite a time up there, just sitting at that bench in complete awe. 

After we've had enjoyed the great view from up there over the entire lake, explored the lakeside, we thought that it'd be the time to explore the little island. How to get there? - by boat, obviously! 

There were two options: rent a boat with a 'gondolier' or just rent a boat and row there yourself. Guess what we did! None of us had ever rowed before, but we thought it would be a fun idea and to be honest, we had a few difficulties at first, but then I took the wheel. ;) 

Please excuse my weird facial expression - it's hard to look good whilst rowing :D

Those traditional flat-bottomed wooden boats are called 'Pletna'

A local tradition at weddings is for the husband to carry his new wife up these 99 steps, during which the bride must remain silent.  

 The church on the island is called 'Assumption of Mary Pilgrimage'-Church and visitors frequently ring it's bell for good luck - we didn't go in there, so we didn't ring the bell.

Besides the church, there's also a restaurant and a small souvenir shop on the island, but that's about it.

I'm still blown away when I look at these photos and I definitely want to go back really soon! Maybe in winter - I bet it looks absolutely beautiful in winter as well.

It's such a shame that nobody ever told me of that beautiful place in Slovenia! Also Ljubljana surprised me a lot with it's beauty, but that's another story. -Don't worry, I'll tell you more really soon. :)

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