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Today it's time for day 2 and 3 of my London trip! 
Day 3 started like the days before did - we got up and had breakfast, and after that, we walked to the station and took the tube. We got out at "Baker Street" and walked to "Madame Tussauds".

It has been my second time in Madame Tussauds London, but I still enjoyed it. Also it has been my mums first time, so we took a lot of photos and the three of us had a great time there!

Oh, look who I've met ;)

After we've finished our 'journey' through Madame Tussauds and bought a few bits and bobs in the shop at the end, we walked to the nearby Regents Park. It's such a beautiful park to relax and just enjoy the sun! London's parks are just great - they're one of the many reasons I love that city so much. I just like the fact that amidst the urban jungle, the traffic, and all those people, there's a place where you can go and just relax in the green and enjoy the nature, even though you're in a megapolis like London. 

Once we thought we soaked up enough sun for the moment, we walked to the next point on our agenda - CAMDEN TOWN!

Regents Park
Camden Town


On the fourth day we went to see the Shard, the Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral and after all of that we went for a ride with London Eye. Even though it had been my third time in London, I hadn't been on it before. 

The view from up there was amazing. London's just way to pretty! What I love most about London's skyline is that there's a balance between old, traditional buildings and monuments and new, modern ones.

After our ride, my sister wanted to pay the M&Ms world a visit, so that's what we did next. Although I didn't buy anything, because I'm not really a 'fan' of M&Ms I still think that it was worth the visit and I got to take a few nice pictures - and it was free, so yeah. ;)

Look who I've ran into in front of the M&Ms store ;)
Picadilly Circus

That's it for today! Day five & six and my London video will be up very soon - stay tuned.
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