Hey guys!

Not many people would think that, but I really like to bake. My favorite dessert probably are cupcakes because they are so easy to make and they also don't take that much time.
There are so many different variations of them - you can really get creative when making them. As some of you may already have seen on my Instagram I made some Oreo cupcakes a few days ago and I really wanted to share the recipe with you. :)


Hey guys!

If you have already read my road trip - post , you'll know that I have been in Salzburg quite recently. Most of my friends thought that I was crazy, because I went there alone and absolutely spontaneously, but some of them wanted to do something like that as well. So on Sunday, March 15th I met a friend of mine at 8am and we went to Salzburg again!


Hey guys!
Those of you who are tattooed will probably agree on this, once you get your first tattoo, you'll kind of get 'addicted' to it and you probably want more! At least that's how it was in my case. I've been thinking about my next tattoo since I got my first one, which was last year in August. (click here to read the post about that