If I could build 
a time machine;
I'd spend each night
in Halloween!
-Rusty Fisher

Time flies by so fast, it's already November 2nd! :o Which means, it's been Halloween a few days ago! If you read my last years Halloween post, you might remember that I said that it was becoming kind of a tradition for me and my friends that the three of us went to the same club, which we did for the last two years. However, things were different this year - and so I broke with this 'tradition'. This year I was invited to a Halloween party at one of my friends were we did a bit of pre-partying. We had decorated everything a bit 'spooky', or at least we tried to :D

All of us girls went as Zombie nurses ;)
(The fake spider web on my head isn't part of my costume :b)

What did you do in the spookiest night of the year? Feel free to let me know in the comments below! :)

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