Hello guys!

A few months ago I've stumbled upon this app called 'Collect' - it reminds you everyday to take a photo which you can save in this app. (it's free!) It helps me to take more photos and I thought it would be a nice idea to share those photos with you. Some of them you may already have seen on Instagram or Snapchat and some of them can be quite random. Sceneries, selfies, food, quotes - a bit of everything basically.
So here's what my November was like in pictures. Enjoy!

from left to right:
1 - a selfie after a 'weird' halloween night
2 - watching 'drop dead' diva on my laptop - I love that series!
3 - went for a walk into the woods
4 - late night 'working' in my bed
5 - lovely decor in Graz

6 - a mirror selfie before going for a walk
7 - a selfie (again) before going to a friends
8 - baked peppermint cupcakes for my bestie :)
9 - another selfie! I just really liked my eye makeup on that day
10 - my cosy place - my couch!

11 - spray painted that ampersand decor (it's from Primark) silver
12 - cuddling with my kitty
13 - and another selfie!
14 - the view from the cafeteria at work
15 - a beautiful sunset

16 - outfit of the day
17 - late breakfast in bed
18 - what a 'Tasty Donut' ;)
19 - found that quote on Pinterest and wanted to take a photo of it in front of my world map 
20 - started to decorate my room christmassy

21 - going out with my girls :*
22 - cuddling with the cutest cat on earth
23 - a random drink I bought and really liked
24 - christmas decoration again
25 - more christmas decoration!

26 - I just love all of my christmas decor
27 - tried this one for the first time 
(Manhattan - Endless Stay liquid lip tint - 94x True Red)
28 - party with my girls again
29 - just chilling & sobering up :b
30  - inspirational quote that kind of fitted that day perfectly

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