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I don't know about you guys, but I've been loving Coca Colas christmas advert for a really long time now. Whenever I see this advert the first time of the festive season, it's beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas and I'm immediately feeling super festive. I don't exactly know why - maybe it's the familiar sounds of Melanie Thorntons "Wonderful Dream (Holidays are Coming)" and all the good memories of many amazing Christmases that come with it. This year my best friend Michaela had the brilliant idea to attend the CocaCola Truck Tour.

So today was the day we finally got to see the Truck in real life and meet Santa Clause!
Sounds like an amazing afternoon? Well, it definitely was!

We drove to a town called 'Rust' which is in Burgenland (Austria) and a nearly two hour drive away from where we live, but it has been definitely worth it! All those little children and the light in their eyes because of their excitement were so cute. I wish I would be that young again. The show itself was so festive and entertaining and more than enjoyable. We just sang along to our favourite christmas songs and had a great time together.

After the big 'parade' we took a few photos of the truck, grabbed something to eat and got in line for our photo with Santa Clause! We had to wait for a really long time, and the three of us basically turned into icicles whilst waiting, but it was definitely worth the efforts and I can't stop looking at our photo ;) 

Today has been a day I won't forget that easily!

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