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'Lately' I have been in a kind of writing slump .. writers block.. whatever you wanna call it. My Madrid Travel Diary is still sitting in my drafts, waiting to be finished - I went to Madrid nearly two months ago... Lately, I just never felt like writing. To be honest, I even considered quitting blogging for good. More and more often I caught myself  thinking "But what for? Nobody's gonna read it anyway."  And maybe that's true, maybe it's not. However, if there's at least one person out there reading this now, it was worth it. And if not, then at least I can look back at it months from now, reading it like an entry in my diary.

Apart from that, I also thought if I blogged about something, it had to be something world-changing. Perhaps, that's not true. Perhaps it can also be something really random - like me telling you about my hike with my mum on Saturday and showing you some of the photos that I took.

So as you've probably guessed by the title, my mum and I went to the Teufelstein ('devils stone') which is situated in the Fischbacher Alps. Those of you who are from around the same area as me will definitely know this place. There is actually a legend about the stone and where it got it's name from. After Lucifer had been sent to hell, God gave him a chance to come back. He had to build a 'tower' from earth to heaven - his time was limited though. He had to be finished before the church bell chimed for the second time. Lucifer built himself a special bearer frame and put three huge stones on it and flew them to said place in the Fischbacher Alps. When he was putting stones on his bearer frame for the second time, it broke and he hadn't got time to fix it before the bell chimed again, for the second time. So, Lucifer went back to hell but the three huge stones remained.

This is a place we used to go to every now and then when I was still younger and I remember loving that swing in front of a small cabin (where you can get something to drink & eat) when I was younger. What really made me chuckle a bit was the 'fridge' - which you can see in the photo below. How idyllic!

Hütte am Teufelstein


Apart from the beautiful landscape and just the simple fact of being in nature, which always brings me joy and inner peace, I had such a good time with my mum. She has such an awesome and joyful personality and even though we have our discrepancies from time to time I'm really glad she went with me and we got to spend time together. 



So if you're from around the area and have any recommendations on places I should go or hiking trails I should check out - be sure to leave them in the comments below. Really wanna hike and explore more this year!

xo, Lena

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