Greetings from Santorini! 

And may I tell you, it really is as beautiful here as I'd imagined. I saw so many photos beforehand and oh my word, it really does live up to the expectations. My friend Tanja and I also explored the island a bit, as chilling at the pool and on the beach all week long would've been to boring. So today I'll share with you some of the photos that I took the day before yesterday (Aug 1st) in Fira.

Our hotel is located in an area called Perivolos which is in the South-East of the island. To get to Fira we took the bus, which cost 2,70€ and took us about 45min to get there. At first we wandered around the town for a while and obviously took a lot of photos. Funny thing happened: some of the first people we saw where a couple of guys from Vienna who ran around with a funnel (is that a thing in other countries as well? 😅) and who we had a little chat with.

Even though we went there around 6pm it was still waaaay too hot, so we got some Frozen Yogurt. There's a Fro-Yo place right next to the Cable Car station - it was delicious but also quite expensive! For the cup in the photo Tanja paid 10€. 

After the Froyo, and a few 'brain freezes' later 😜 we walked the path down to the old port of Fira. There are actually three options to get down there & back up again: 
 ride a donkey (5€) 
or take the cable car (one way ticket 6€)

Due to the fact that we're both quite unfit there was only one option. A short ride on the cable car later and 6€ poorer we were back up in the town and in need of some cocktails. We found a restaurant with an incredible view over the town, which also wasn't too expensive, right away and had some cocktails and a waffle there. 

To pass the time until the bus took us home again, we strolled around a bit more, took a 'few' photos and then we found ourselves a spot to watch the sunset, along with literally everyone else! 

Conclusion: cute and beautiful little town, amazing views and the cable car ride is worth it's money!

xo, Lena

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