Last christmas (I gave you my heart.. just kidding! ðŸ˜‰) my grandparents got me this babe of an vinyl player. I have wanted one for literally forever, however I probably never would've gotten one myself. Let's put it that way: I desperately wanted one, but still not enough to spend that amount of money on one. - No need to tell me I'm weird. Gladly, as mentioned before, my grandparents were kind enough and got me one. So for those of you who are thinking of purchasing one as well, I thought I'd share my thoughts about it with you.

First things first - the appearance. Be aware that most of the newer record players do look the same or at least quite similar. What I really like about these though is that they also look really cute when they're closed and that they don't take up too much space. The model I chose is the Executive (Model Nr. CR6019A-BR) by Crosley - in the brown/cream design, obviously.

For me personally, the look of it was the most important feature. At least at the beginning. First I looked for one I liked the style of, and then read most of the reviews on Amazon and finally choose this one. So far, everything's fine and I really enjoy listening to my vinyls. Let me 'warn' you though, listening to vinyls is quite a different experience than listening to songs on your computer for example. The sound's different, it's not that easy to skip a song you don't like and there's obviously no shuffle function. - RETRO! 

Sadly, my collection - if you can call two vinyls a collection ðŸ˜‰- is pathetic at the moment. But a third one should already be on it's way - couldn't resist buying Ed Sheeran's new album on Vinyl.

For those of you who are interested in some technical details, these are the ones stated on the Crosley website:

Belt Driven Turntable Mechanism 
Diamond Stylus Needle
Plays 3 Speeds - 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM Records
Plays 7", 10" & 12" Records
USB Enabled For Connection to Windows Equipped PC and Mac
Brass Plated Hardware
Auxiliary Input
RCA Audio Out
Dynamic Full Range Stereo Speakers

As for the price, it was 136,09€ over on Amazon - you can check it out hereUnfortunately, it's currently unavailable - at least the one with the EU power plug.

In a nutshell, I really like this turntable - it's pretty & it's working well - can totally recommend this one.

xo, Lena

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