First of all, you don't have to tell me that I'm reeeeally late with this post this month, but I still didn't want to keep my monthly favourites from you - so here you go!

I don't use this palette on a daily basis, or every time I put makeup on, but I like to use it when I'm going out or on similar occasions. All of the colours are really pigmented and easy to work with! And that's why I like it so much! I also wrote a full post about this palette, with swatches, etc, which you can read here.

These brushes, oh my, I really like them and I use them everytime I do my makeup, just because they're super soft, and they work really well for me! I also wrote a full review, which you can read here, if you're interested.

Thanks to my friend Doris who bought this eyeshadow palette for me whilst she was in Munich! :) As far as I know you can't buy p2 beauty products in Austria so I asked her to bring me anything, and she proved that she knows me really well - I absolutely love it. The colors are really pigmented which surprised me a bit, to be honest. I've been using this one quite a lot since I got it, even more often than my Naked2 eyeshadows and that says something!

We're nearly done with my favourites, but I had to include three non-beauty related things on this list. The first 'thing' are POLAROIDSEven though I've had my polaroid camera for nearly two years now, I recently enjoyed taking more pictures with it again and took it with me a lot lately. I just love that I get the photo immediately and I just look a lot more at those pictures. (I have some of them displayed on one of my walls in my room) - I have too many pictures in my iPhoto media library which I barely look at and that makes a bit sad.

Even though I once wrote on my blog that I didn't like to go to the cinema that much, it seems like I'm enjoying it a lot more lately, and therefore I've been to the cinema quite often in the last weeks. Two of the films I've watched in March and enjoyed the most were 'DIRTY GRANDPA' & 'DER GEILSTE TAG'. (You can watch the trailers if you click on the film title) 

Dirty Grandpa was a really funny movie but it also kinda had a deeper meaning - to follow your dreams and do what you want, not what society or your parents want you to do!

Der geilste Tag is a german movie, and it's about the fate of two men who both have different kinds of cancer and want to experience something awesome for the last time (and have the best day) before they die.

Tell me some of your March favourites in the comments below, I'd really like to know! (:

xo, Lena

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  1. That NYX contour palette looks so nice! This post was great and your photos look incredible :)