Most of you guys out there who are quite interested in all things beauty related will probably have heard of the brand KIKO at some point before. A lot of beauty bloggers and Youtubers I watch have raved about their products, so I wanted to try some for myself as well. Only problem - there hadn't been a KIKO store somewhere near I live until recently and I'm also not a huge fan of buying Make-Up online to be honest. So I guess you'll understand that I was more than excited to see that a KIKO store opened quite recently in Graz, to be more precise in the 'Shopping City Seiersberg'.

A few weeks ago I went there and accidentally stumbled upon the KIKO store while I was walking out of a bookstore and realized that there was a new shop opposite of it. Without batting an eyelid I went in there and for a moment I was a bit overwhelmed. Everything looked so beautiful and it was really hard to decide what to get. However, I did pick up four items which I want to show you today!


As with all of these products I'm showing you in this post, I really liked the packaging of this one. Due to my very pale skin tone I picked this up in the lightest shade they had, which is 01 LIGHT. When trying this for the first time at home, I have to admit that I was quite confused at first. The silver pen has a "click" dispenser at the bottom of it - so you press the button and then the product comes out and you can easily apply it. I've never had a concealer like that before and I didn't know that you have to press the button repeatedly to enable the flow of the product, when you're using it for the first time. I just thought it was broke and clearly not working. Silly me. 


When you've got nice eyeshadows you want them to last as long as possible because it's so annoying when you spend hell of a long time applying them perfectly and then they're gone again after a few hours. Therefore you need a nice primer that prolongs it's hold and maybe even enhances it's colour.  And that's exactly what this primer promises to do. I can't tell you much more about it now, because I've only used it once so far.


Just look at it! Agh, it's so pretty! I really don't know why but I have this love for pinkish eyeshadows. Therefore I just couldn't help it -  it needed to be part of my make-up collection! - and that's why I bought it. All of the colours are shimmery and are nicely pigmented.

4. NAIL LACQUER - 279 Yellow

Normally if I can motivate myself to paint my nails, (which doesn't happen that often) they're either painted in white, grey, light pinks or nudes. So you could say that this is a rather untypical colour for me. However, it matches the dress I got earlier that day for my cousins wedding in July perfectly. So I'm saving this for that occasion.

What are your favourite KIKO products? Let me know in the comments below! :)

xo, Lena

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