"Friendship isn't about who you've known the longest... 
It's about who walked into your life,
 said "I'm here for you" and proved it."

Quite a while ago now actually an Austrian blogger and Youtuber named Anna Laura Kummer made a video and a blogpost about her friendship with her best friend Eva, as part of a campaign for the new Calvin Klein perfume CK2. And even though I haven't got anything to do with that, I just liked the idea of it so much, that todays post will be about the friendship of me and Michaela who I'm more than just glad to call my bestie!

She has no clue I'm writing this post right now, and if you're reading this, I really hope you  won't hate me for the pictures!  And also, I'm really trying my best that it won't sound too cheesy, but that's just how we are :b
So let's start!

What's your best/favourite moment together?
Even though there are so many great moments to choose from and even though this one may sound a bit unspectacularly, my favourite moment would have to be our 'Sunday'. "What do you mean?" you may be thinking right now. I'll explain it to you.
Somewhen last year the two of us bought a lot of chocolate, cookies, and other snacks, went to my place, put on our onesies, and just chilled on my couch and started re-watching Pretty Little Liars. It may sound a bit boring to a few of you, but we just had so much fun that day, and even though it happened on a Friday we call it our Sunday, because it just felt like one - being lazy, and lying around all day long ;)

Technically it hasn't even been a moment together, but I had to include this one here, because in my opinion it says a lot about our friendship - so when I was in London last year in September with my mum and my sister, we missed each other so much, so we kept sending each other videos on Snapchat for like hours, I shit you not! :D I was just sitting on the hotel bathroom floor telling her about my day and what I bought, etc. 

What do you still want to experience together?
There are so many things! I want us to go on a road trip & basically I just want to travel with her to as many places as possible, because we always have such a great time together and I feel like she's the best travel buddy :b 
Other things on our mutual 'to-do-list' are quite 'boring' things like: going to a museum, go hiking, watch the sun rise from the Grazer Schloßberg, make videos together &&&

At what does Michaela support you?
Nearly everything! She's always there to encourage me to be and do the best I can. She supports me wherever she's able to and that's something I really appreciate about her! 

What do you appreciate most about your friendship?
That we can talk about literally anything! If there's a problem or a discrepancy we just talk about it until it's gone again. And that whatever happens, she sticks around.
I appreciate our long phone calls - sometimes we talk about the same things over and over again but it doesn't really matter. I appreciate that she gets me when nobody else does and that if she thinks I'm doing something stupid she tells me straight away and sometimes she brings me back down to earth. -Thanks for that by the way!

Describe Michaela!
She's such a sweet, caring and easy-going person who would never harm a fly and is always nice to everybody. She's also a bit clumsy from time to time and she makes us laugh a lot and I'd also say that she can be a bit gullible sometimes. ;) 

What do you have in common and where do you differ?
People often say that we're like sisters because we have so much in common. Apart from our similar hair colours at the moment, I feel like we're both weird in the same way. We share the same humor and we think about a lot of things the same way. We both love to travel and share our love for Instagram, YouTube and all things beauty and fashion related. But at the same time we're also quite different. We have different passions and interests, different taste in boys,.. and despite the fact that I'm nearly two years older than her, she is more mature and she kinda looks out for me sometimes, even though it probably should be the other way around.

So all that's left here to say is,
Thank you for being a friend!

xo, Lena

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