Hey guys!
Today I want to share a great new recipe I discovered! It's the recipe of a "blueberry/lemon Gugelhupf" - it's the first Gugelhupf I've ever made and it turned out really well, which I'm really glad of. Due to the enormous heat that's going on in Europe at the moment, I wanted to make something light and refreshing and this is the perfect dessert for those hot summer days - it's just absolutely delicious and everybody who tried it, immediately loved it :)

So here's what you need:

     for the cake

1 cup butter (softened)
2 cups sugar
3 large eggs
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 ¼ cups all purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
a pinch of salt
1 cup (butter) milk 
zest of 1 lemon
      for the glaze
3 tbsp (butter) milk
1 cup powdered sugar


1. Preheat oven to ~170°C and grease the Gugelhupf pan thoroughly with butter!
2. Mix sugar & butter until it's smooth - then add the eggs and the vanilla extract
3. In a seperate bowl, mix flour, baking soda & salt together
4. Add the flour mixture alternating with the (butter) milk
5. Lastly, add the lemon zest and turn off the mixer - then add the blueberries and
                stir them in with a spoon.
6. Pour the batter into the pan
        7. Add some more blueberries 
8. Let it bake for about 60 - 80 minutes. Until an inserted toothpick comes out clean
                (insert it in the center)
9. Once it's done baking, let it cool completely before you flip it out
10. When it's cooled,  mix the (butter) milk and powdered sugar and drizzle it over
                the Gugelhupf
11. Decorate as you prefer - with blueberries, lemon zest, etc.

Et voilà - Bon appétit! 

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  1. sieht der Kuchen lecker aus! ^-^
    Und danke für dein Kommentar, die Unterwasserkamera habe ich übrigens im Saturn gekauft (unter 10€)
    Liebste Grüße <3

  2. Der sieht mega lecker aus ! Werde ich demnächst mal ausprobieren :)

    1. vielen Dank & das solltest du unbedingt :)
      melde dich falls du ihn probiert hast, wie er dir geschmeckt hat


  3. Vielen lieben Dank für deinen Kommentar und fürs folgen! :) Bin dir auch gleich auf Bloglovin gefolgt :) Der Kuchen sieht echt lecker aus!
    Ich wüsche dir noch ganz viel Spaß auf Mallorca, die Insel ist traumhaft!

    Liebste Grüße,