Hey guys!
Those of you who have watched my video about Mallorca, have already seen a few first impressions of my vacation, but I also wanted to write a more detailed post about my trip, which I'm gonna do now ;)

We stayed in a 4.5* hotel which has been reopened in May, called "Tonga" in a town called "Can Picafort" which is in the North-East of Mallorca. All in all, the hotel was amazing! The rooms were spacious enough, and I liked the whole blue and white theme that was going on- and everything looked really modern. Despite the amazing pool area and those "beach huts" where you could chill in, the best part definitely has to be the sky-bar and the marvelous view you have from up there! Chilling in the whirlpool up there and enjoying the view was definitely one of my favourite parts of the day ;)

The only negative aspect about the hotel that I could find, and which also isn't that bad, had been the personnel, or at least parts of it - not everyone was able to communicate in English which had been a bit of a difficulty sometimes. However, the food was delicious and there was a huge variety, even for vegetarians. Also the cocktails were really good and there was a long enough list of cocktails you could choose from.

Most of the days we were just chilling at the pool and/or the beach, shopping, eating, lying in the sun and getting tanned, .. After dinner we usually would take the elevator up to the sky-bar, order a few cocktails, and enjoy the view whilst playing UNO. After that, we usually headed to one of the discos and danced until the sun rose again ;)

On Sunday we had to be at the port at 3pm, because we were going on a trip with a party boat. :) The boat cost 45€/each but it was totally worth the money! We were just driving alongside the coast for a few hours with two breaks(about 40minutes each) where we could go swimming :) The boat even had a slide, as you may have already seen in my Mallorca-video. At first, the atmosphere on the boat wasn't exactly what you would have expected it to be on a party boat, but after the first stop more and more people began dancing on the dance floor at the back of the boat and we started to really enjoy it! The drinks and a few fruits were all-inclusive. You can't book that trip though, but if you're lucky enough, like we were, somebody will ask you if you wanna take that trip whilst you're lying on the beach, or strolling around at the beach promenade :) However, if you get the chance - take it!! All the people are extremely nice and easy to hang out with. :)

We also went shopping quite a bit ;) - There'll be a Mallorca Haul coming really soon :)
Until then,
take care!
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