Hallstatt has been on my travel bucket list for way too long now, and it it definitely should be on yours too! I did drive by once and stopped somewhere around the lake to take a quick picture, though. But that obviously didn't count. It's probably one of the most photographed towns all around the world and I really get why - it's just so amazingly beautiful. (Nearly) everywhere's a good place to take a picture. On Sunday, I finally went there.. and this time for real. Let me share my photos with you and tell you a bit more.

Hallstatt Austria

where: Hallstatt - Austria
when:  February 5th, 2017

Hallstatt is an UNESCO World Heritage site (since 1997), home of nearly 760 people and also Austria's oldest village and definitely one of the most beautiful ones! It's one of a kind and looks like it's straight out of a fairytale, especially in winter. Looking back at all the photos I took, it's hard to believe I really was there. 

As it's such a beautiful place, with it's own charm, you're not the only one wandering around enjoying it. It can get really crowded at some places, especially with Asians. They really seem to love it - I mean, did you hear that they recreated Hallstatt somewhere in China? Nothing can beat the original though. The surrounding area - the lake and the mountains - is just way to beautiful and unique. 

Even though I honestly wouldn't want to live there, for the simple reason that I feel like you'd hardly get a quiet moment, due to all the tourists walking by your house all day long, I definitely wanna come here again when it's warmer - in spring or summer. Then I'd like to take a boat trip and go up to the viewing platform! Furthermore would it be quite nice to enjoy the ambience without freezing my butt (and feet!!) off.

xo, Lena

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  1. These photos are absolutely stunning!You have such a lovely little blog!! X http://bloggerwithoutaclue.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. thanks so much for your comment! :)
      have a nice day. x