... there were two young woman who went on an 'adventure' into the woods and didn't know what was waiting for them. And they sure as hell didn't expect that the way that would lead them to their castle (ruin) would be as exhausting as it was. 

castle ruins Gösting

Firstly, if that introduction confused you even a little bit, keep on reading, and everything will eventually make sense. Last week my best friend Michaela and I went to see the castle ruin in Gösting. (📍Graz, Austria) As the both of us are quite unfit, the way up there was really exhausting for us. Honestly, it's really steep! Fortunately we didn't know that before, because there's an approx 80% chance that we wouldn't have gone there if we had known that beforehand. Don't let that fact scare you away though, it is definitely worth it!

The castle is one of the oldest in the whole of Austria, it has been built in the 11th century and became a ruin in 1723 by lightning.

Not only will you feel a bit taken back in time, you will also have an amazing, I repeat, amazing, view over the city of Graz from up there. See that hill in the middle? That's the Schloßberg! Definitely one of my favourite places in Graz. (I wrote a post about it a while ago, click here if you're interested)

There's also a small Tavern (which hasn't got electricity nor running water -whaat?), where you can get something to eat (soup, sandwiches, etc.) and drink. Whilst the weather is still sunny and not too cold you can enjoy your food in the 'beer garden' where you have that amazing view over Graz. What more could a heart desire? 😉

opening hours (tavern)
Tue - Sun: 10am - 6pm

I would also advise you to wander around a bit and definitely go up the tower! From up there you have an incredible 360° view of Graz on the one side and the surrounding areas on the others, as shown in the photos below.

This may sound silly now, but I kind of felt like I was part of a fairytale whilst wandering around there. It just seemed like the perfect setting for it. I don't know.. 

Where to find it? 

Ruinenweg 50, 8051 Graz

As there's no vehicle access, you'll have to park your car and walk up to the castle. The walk takes you about 20 minutes and is, as said before, definitely worth it! 

Ruine Graz gösting

xo, Lena

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