"How has technology changed my relationship? It hasn't - I'm still alone.
Brogan, England

Youtubers bringing out books isn't something 'new' anymore, right? Most of them done it, and a few of them I bought. Zoella or FleurDeForce are just two of the Youtubers that found a place in my bookshelf. This book however is completely different from all the other "Youtube-books". Such as Will Darbyshire is different than other YouTubers. 

So what is this book about you might ask? Will asked everyone through his videos, tweets, etc. to submit an answer in form of a handwritten letter, a submission on tumblr, an e-mail, a tweet to the six questions he asked about love. In this book you can find beautifully written letters about having a crush on someone, about heartbreak, ... It covers anything that's to do with love.

When I first heard about his idea for this book I knew I was gonna love it, and damn have I been right! I preordered it in one of my late night online 'shopping sprees' and when it arrived over a week earlier than expected I've been so so so excited. I love everything about this book. The concept, the structure, the photos, the cover, the honesty, the letters. It's just based on such an unique idea and I honestly can't stop re-reading it.

The only thing that bothers me now is that I didn't submit anything, that I wasn't 'brave' enough. I would have loved to be part of this beautiful, beautiful piece of art and poetry.

Thank you Will.
(and of course, thank you to everyone who wrote a letter!)

If you bought, or read it as well, let me know your opinion about it in the comments below, I'd love to know! :)

xo, Lena

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