We all know how hyped and often talked about highlighting and contouring is nowadays, and all of the transformations you find online are honestly crazy! I know I'm kinda late to jump on the bandwagon, but whatever! My best friend saw a german Youtuber talk about this palette in one of her videos quite a while ago and she was so into it and immediately told me about it and well, as you can see, I purchased it. #YouTubemademebuyit
Today however, I want to show you a bit more of this gorgeous palette in case you haven't heard of it before.

Obviously the palette consists of these 8 different powdery shades to highlight and contour your face. Something I really like about this palette is that it's refillable - you're able to take all of the shades out and replace them individually.

from left to right
top row 
 Ice Queen (pearly pale white)
Soft Light (matte nude)
Cream (matte soft yellow)
Nectar (pearly soft peach)

bottom row
Tan (matte soft brown with slight red undertones)
Toffee (matte neutral brown)
 Sculpt (matte taupe)
Hollow (matte deep brown)

Before writing this post I did a bit of 'research' and I found out that there are 4 additional colors for this palette which you can order from the NYX website. 
The additional colors are:
Bone (matte white)
Soft Peach (matte nude peach)
Sienna (matte light brown with slight pink undertones)
Saddle (matte light brown with slight red undertones)

price: 19,95€ at Douglas

On the back of the packaging there is a picture to illustrate the basics of where to highlight, where to contour and where to blend. Which will come in handy for contour amateurs like me.

Here's a swatch of the four shades from the top row - due to the fact that I'm reeeally pale you can't see them that well. But all eight of them are really pigmented and easy to blend!

& here's the swatch of the bottom row shades - the colors may look a little different in real life though.
Obviously I won't find a use for all eight shades as some of them are just too dark for me - especially 'Hollow'. But I still think that it has been a good investment.

Have you already got experience with this palette? Let me know your thoughts about it in the comments below!

xo, Lena


  1. I love this, and love that you have swatched them. I was debating getting this, and it isn't super expensive which I love. What a great post!!! Would love to do a beauty colab with you sometime, if you're interested check out my page, or email me!!!


    Jessica Ann xx

    1. thanks for the sweet comment! You should definitely get this one as I feel like it's a really good one for it's price :)

      & I just written you an e-mail. x

  2. Hey girl!! Just uploaded a new blog post, you should definitely check it out :)
    Jessica xx

  3. Wow this palette is so pretty! I'm the worst at contouring so I should probably invest in something like this, plus NYX is a great brand! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    1. I'm also really bad at it, but skill comes with practice, right? :)
      it really is, I also got a few other NYX products, which I really like :)