A few days ago after work, I picked up my best friend because we had planed to spend the afternoon together. At first we wanted to go to a rather small lake not far away from where we live, but things never turn out the way you expect, right? So, she made the glorious suggestion that we could go to a Alp - which we ended up doing. 

Let's make today an adventure kind of day.

Neither of us was dressed appropriately for the trip - we hadn't had a warm jacket, gloves, or even the right shoes! We were also a bit surprised that there was still so 'much' snow there, and we also thought about going home again once or twice, because it was freezing! BUT, we didn't. We even went to that wind turbine which you can see in the photos, even though it was surrounded by snow.

Once we went back to the car, we both were literally icicles. I have to say however, that it was totally worth it. Sometimes it doesn't take much to be happy or to have a great day which you'll like to look back on. Sometimes all you need is a spontaneous 'trip' somewhere with your friends, even if it isn't far away from home. Sometimes you just have to get away from all the stress and the hubbub, even if it's just for a few hours, and just enjoy the simple things in life like nature, friendship, etc.

The two of us had such a fun and carefree afternoon, which we hadn't had in quite a while actually and I really missed us singing along to stupid songs at the top of our lungs whilst just driving around without a fixed destination in mind. (:

xo, Lena


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    1. thanks so much! I'll do that tag really soon - until then, you can check out my newest blogpost which went online today! :) xx