Can anyone of you guys tell me where January went? It feels like January's gone in the blink of an eye and I truly can not believe it's the second of February already! And you know what that means, right? It's time for my monthly "... in pictures" - post - enjoy! :)

from left to right:
1 - having a bath with one of my Zoella products (read a review here)
2 - snowy tree(s)
3 - snowy trees again ;)
4- went for a wintery walk into the forrest
5 - a selfie with my mum :)

6 - currently rereading the Harry Potter books - finished book two that night
7 - breakfast in bed feat. book three
8 -  my cat loves to chill in one of our baskets ;)
9 - went to McDonalds and ate a "Germkn√∂del"-Donut 
10 - made cupcakes again *yummy*

11 - posted about my New Years Resolutions that day (read here if you like)
12 - finally (!!) a new Pretty Little Liars episode
13 - watching a Harry Potter movie because of Alan Rickmans death
14 - sunset
15 - a friend of me found these in store - they tasted alright actually 

16 - went out partying with this one :)
17 - went for a walk at the lake
18 - found these Star Wars cookies in store - loved these
19 - late christmas presents ;) got a 'JuwelKerze' 
(for those of you who don't know what this is: basically it's a candle with a ring hidden in the candle, and as it burns down, you get the ring which is wrapped in a special foil so it doesn't get damaged by the heat. The rings inside are all made out of sterling silver, I believe, and can be worth up to 250€)
20 - another selfie

21 - got the ring out of the candle! (unfortunately it's a little bit too big for me)
22 - did a bit of working on my blog that day
23 - found my white wig again whilst decluttering and tidying up my wardrobe
(and yes, I ran around singing Let it Go at the top of my lungs whilst wearing it :D)
24 - I honestly can't remember when my wardrobe looked so neat for the last time
25 - outfit of the day

26 - part of my room decor
27 - just some makeup favs :)
28 - and another selfie (there are way to many of them)
29 - drinking tea from my cat-mug 
30 - baguettes for lunch :)

haven't got a picture on the 31st though.

xo, Lena


  1. So jealous of the snow you had in Austria! Lovely pictures & you're really pretty! :) xx

    1. thanks! :) but the snow didn't last very long, only a few days and then it got warm and it melted again :/ x

  2. I love the idea of this post, it's so unique. I'm wishing we had some snow where I live now! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    1. thank you! :) we also haven't got much snow this year though :s