Depending on where you're from, you may know Bibi from the YouTube channel 'BibisBeautyPalace' - she's a german YouTuber (since 2012) in her twenties who brought out her own range of shower foams in November. Currently it's not available in stores in Austria or Switzerland, so I couldn't get my hands on it - until now. A special thanks goes out here to my friend Doris who got one for me whilst she was in Munich! :)

Tasty Donut
The range consists of two different flavors at the moment: 
The first one's called Tasty Donut - according to the packaging and the website it's supposed to smell like a freshly baked donut with strawberry icing. In reality however, it only smells like strawberry and it's really sweet. The smell reminds me of something else that smells similar but I still couldn't figure out what that is. Even though the donut-aspect is missing, I really like the smell.

The second one's called Creamy Mandarin - according to the packaging and the website this one's supposed to smell like mandarin (who would've guessed that? :b) with sweet vanilla ice-cream. To be honest with you, I like the smell of it when it's still in the packaging, but once I used a bit of it, I didn't like it that much anymore. I feel like this one just isn't for me.

100% vegan - no silicones
without mineral oil - without parabens 
made in Germany

200ml - 3,95€
Dermatest Ergebnis: Sehr gut

shake well before use

So I tried this one in the shower yesterday and truth be told, if felt quite weird. My best friend hit the nail right on the head when she said that it feels like rubbing yourself all over with shaving foam. But I also have to say, after using it a few times I got used to it and it doesn't feel that weird anymore.

Bilou is short for Bibi loves you.

To put it in a nutshell, the packaging is really cute, both products smell really nice, even though I prefer the 'Tasty Donut' one. The consistency of it is one you probably have to get used to, but it's really smooth. All in all I think Bibi and her team did a good job with these products.

Have you tried any Bilou-products so far? Tell me your opinion about them in the comments below!

xo, Lena


  1. yeah how exactly do use this thing, like a regular shower gel that need to be rinsed or is more like after bath gel, that you need to leave it on without rinsing or something like that ?

    1. hello! Sorry for my late reply!
      It's like a regular shower gel, except it's a shower foam. So it needs to be rinsed off. :)
      xo, Lena