Seems like you've enjoyed reading my November in pictures - post, so I thought I'd keep on doing that kind of post each month and today it's time for all the photos I took through December  I know I'm a bit late this month, but here it is now - enjoy!

from left to right:
1 - december 1st - finally I could wear my christmas sweater again!
2 - before work selfie
3 - say hello Luigi! (that's my cat)
4 - I love receiving packages! inside of it was the present for my best friend
5 - started to reread Harry Potter
6 - love getting new make up products
7 - dyed my hair dark brown (again)
8 - got three roses at the club that night
9 - had a lovely bath with one of my fav. lush bath bombs
10 - met Santa Clause at the CocaCola Truck Tour in Rust
11 - went out to see Cascada at a club
12 - me & my best friend at a 'Christmas party' :)
13 - selfie before going out
14 - snowflake ring
15 - christmas shopping
16 - aaand.. another selfie :D
17 - an unfinished drawing of Pragues famous astronomical clock
18 - I made a book for my best friend with photos of all our travels together, that's one of the (unfinished) pages of it
19 - Graz at night
20 - love my snowflake rings
21 - another (unfinished) page of my book for my best friend
22 - christmassy donuts
23 - sunset
24 - our christmas tree (haven't got a better picture :/)
25 - the new ring I got from my sister for christmas (which you nearly can't see in the picture) matches my watch 
26 - went out with a few friends 
27 - the cute cat mug I got from a good friend for christmas :)
28 - a quite festive cup of hot chocolate 
29 - wrote my goodbye 2015 - post that day
30 - love the coloring book I got for christmas
31 - New Years Eve with a few of my best friends

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