Hello guys!

As you may or may not know, I live in a really small town in Styria, which is about an hour away from Graz, therefore I'm not there very often, however, every time I go there, it isn't that big of a deal. Partly because I have been there quite often with my school or family when I was younger. I went to Graz again a few days ago, because a lot of my friends are moving there now, due to them going to university really soon. So I visited a friend of mine and we had a lovely day together. It never really came to my mind, that there are sooo many of you guys out there, that have never been to Graz before. So this post is for all of you guys, and for all the others who just can't get enough of Graz!

I parked my car on a parking lot in one of the outer districts of Graz, and went into the center by tram, which is called "Bim" here. We then grabbed some Donuts at the newly opened donut shop called "Tasty Donuts" at the Jakomini square and accompanied my friends sister in her lunch break. After that we stopped at the main square to grab a Hot Dog at one of the hot-dog stands, before heading to the Schloßberg - which is definitely one of my favourite places in Graz!

It's a little paradise, right in the city center. With a lot of nice places to chill and just enjoy the view, a few cute cafes and restaurants and there are also a few monuments (e.g. Hackher- Löwe) which have a long and fascinating history to tell


We spent quite a long time up there actually, we strolled around a bit, enjoyed the amazing view from up there, took a few photos, sat in a beer garden and had fun together.

We went back down later than we'd originally planned, but we still made a short stop at a Shisha bar before I went back home again.

Oh how I wish, I lived in Graz!

Have you ever been to Graz? What are your favourite spots/restaurants, etc. Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Ma es schöne Graz. Vermiss es ja schon ein wenig. Super zum Essen ist auf jeden Fall "Der Steirer" und sonst zum Empfehlen ist auch es Kunsthauscafé - vor allem es Frühstück :D

    1. Danke für die Tipps, werd ich demnächst mal ausprobieren ;)