Hey guys!

It's time for another haul - I've been to Primark and I'm absolutely in love with all the things I got, so I wanted to show them to you as soon as possible. So here we go! :)

First thing I want to show you, is this blouse/sweater.. Basically it's a beige sweater with a collar(which I absolutely love!) in the front, but it's like a blouse at the back. The white cloth in the back is really loose and a bit see through I'd say - just like a normal white blouse.

The next thing is this dusky pink/white Norwegian patterned sweater. I really like it although it's a bit scratchy and it also smells a bit funny - I hope it'll be better after I've washed it.

Aaaand...  another sweater ;) I'm one of those people who wait for christmas all year long, so I'm already super excited for it and because of my love for christmas, I couldn't walk past this cutie here. I love the look of it, but the coolest thing about it is IT PLAYS JINGLE BELLS if you push the right spot ;)

Next up: this beige longsleeve. It's nothing special but I liked it anyways -especially the buttons on the shoulders.

I also had to buy this green/brown checkered "lumberjack shirt" - you could wear the sleeves up or down. 

I also bought this dark green jacket here. 

To be honest, I've seen those shirts on Primarks instagram page and I was like: "OMG, I need them!" - So those two shirts have been one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Primark. So you can probably imagine how excited and happy I was when I found them hanging there on the racks. (Yes I am a Potterhead - always!)

Another clothing item I wanted for so long: a onesie! 

the hood


                                  back                                                                          front

I love cats, so there was no doubt that I would get these pajama trousers! I love them! Look  at those cats, aren't they cute? :)

I really needed a new pair of jeans, so I got two. A darker one and a lighter acid washed one. Those are the short super skinny jeans. I don't know if the short ones are new, or if I just overlooked them before, but I'm really glad I've found them. It's really hard for me to buy jeans, because most of them are waaay to long for my short legs.. ;)

Now that we're finished with all the clothing items - let's move on to the accessories.
First up, this black backpack. I really like it's simpleness and I just need it for school so, 8€ are totally okay for it.

You can never go wrong with brown boots! 

and last but not least - these "random" things:
 - two teasing brushes (pink&black) - 1.50€
 - an eyeshadow &concealer brush - 1.50€
 - facial cleansing wipes - 1.50€ each
 - a rosy band you can wrap around your bun - 1€

I haven't bought any jewelry this time - even though they had some pretty necklaces, earrings etc. in store.

I really hope you liked it  &thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far. 


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