Hey guys!

Summer has come and gone and fall is already waiting around the corner. Even though it kind of felt like summer has never really been here -all the rainy days and the bad weather in general made this summer feel not so "summery". 

School has already started and quite soon this school year will be over again. The prom and a lot of tests and exams later I'll be graduating and end my life as a student. What to do afterwards? I don't know! But I'm sure I'll figure out something, and till then I'll just live and enjoy my life -every second of it!

And speaking of enjoying life - I went to Prague for a few days! 
I just got home yesterday and haven't even unpacked my suitcase.

Prague is an amazing city and I've enjoyed this trip a lot! 
Unfortunately I fell ill while being there, and because of my headache I'm not in the mood to write a lot - so I'll just leave you with the video I made.

Hope you'll enjoy!

Have you ever been to Prague? Did you enjoy your stay there? What was your favourite spot, sight, café, etc. there? Leave me a comment down below. :)


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