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I came home from Egypt yesterday morning, and now that I handed over all of my presents and souvenirs, unpacked my suitcase & sorted out all of my photos, I decided it was time to let you guys know how my vacation was. So let's go!

Our plane took off in Graz at 10pm on Saturday, July 26th and landed in Hurghada at about 2am. We then got to our hotel (Siva Grand Beach) by bus and moved in our Bungalow room. The room was okay, even though it looked better on the pictures. (especially the bathroom) However, the hotel complex was really nice, there were a lot of bars, the beach and the pool were great and all of the hotel employees were really nice and most of them spoke German pretty well.
 Grand Beach

On Sunday morning we had to meet some guy from the travel agency who gave us tips and told us about a few trips we could book. Some of the trips were appealing to us so we booked three of them: "Inselträume" (Wednesday) , "Safari 1001" (Friday) & the Shopping Tour (Saturday).

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we basically just chilled in the hotel area: at the beach, at the pool, in our room, in some bars,.. 


On Wednesday we went to two coral reefs by boat, where we went snorkeling. We saw a lot of fish and the corals which was amazing and I had a lot of fun. 
After the snorkeling we went to an Island called 'Orange Bay' which is a small caribbean island in the Red Sea. We had our lunch there and after that we lied on the beach & I finished reading 'The Catcher in the Rye'.
On our ride home we could watch the sunset from the boat, which was really beautiful!     

On Thursday my boyfriend and I only left our room when really necessary: for breakfast, lunch and dinner, because we got a really bad sunburn on our trip on Wednesday.

On Friday we got in a Jeep and went to a beduin camp in the desert. On the ride there, we made two stops: the first one was to watch a Fata Morgana, and in the second pause we made, we went up a small sand hill and kind of slid it down then. The view from up there was breathtaking!

When we arrived the camp we got to see how they cook, live, pray and where they get money from. They don't have hospitals in those camps, but what they have are medicinal herbs, which you could buy there, and also bracelets and wristbands. The smell from those herbs in that tent was so strong and therefore I collapsed. Therefore I unfortunately couldn't ride the camel, which was the next item on the agenda.

After everybody (except me and my boyfriend) rode the camel, we watched the sunset, got something to eat and watched a small show, some of the beduins did for us. They danced and a small group of musicians accompanied them on their instruments. I even took part in this dance-show at the end of it. :)

On the jeep ride home, we made one last stop to look at the stars. Because we were in the desert and you couldn't see any city lights, you were able to see the stars very clearly, which was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I think I even saw the Milky Way, but I'm not so sure about that, because I'm not really familiar with stars and their constellations.

we got special clothes - the ones that beduins wear too :)
On Saturday we took part in the Shopping Tour. First of all we went for a sightseeing tour around town which included the New Marina, the shipyard and the mosque. We then went into a perfumery where we bought a few essences- I got myself the one Queen Cleopatra wore. The next stop was a souvenir shop where I bought a few things for my family and friends and lastly we got to walk around in town a bit, to get something to eat, shop or whatever. 

Hurghada Mosque

I had to put this on before going into the mosque
you could watch the sunrise from the plane :)
The plane home took off Sunday night at about 4am.
As you can see we did a lot of different things in our vacation, and it wasn't boring at all! I have seen so many different things, and got to know a whole different country with it's own culture and I liked it a lot!  I also was able to tick off a few things of my "25 things to-do this summer"- list which my next post is going to be about. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it!
Have you already been in Egypt? If yes, did you like it there? Tell me a bit about it in the comments. :)

xo, Lena

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